About Us

We work to provide the best service!

About Us

We work to provide the best service!

Welcome to The Hostel Friends

Friends Hostel offers a warm welcome during his visit to our city.
We offer the best choice for your leisure or business, in the comfort of nuestrasinstalaciones.


We are a company that provides travel services in the Lambayeque region with quality and warmth meet the expectations of our clients for which it has qualified.


Be a reference in the Lambayeque region of a tour company that provides efficient warmth to your customers.



Antecedents and Business Plan


Tourism development is the economic activity in the last 10 years has grown steadily in Peru has increased domestic and foreign tourist flows and investments in the construction of hotels and related activities.

In the Lambayeque region has a tourism explosion happened after the discovery of the Tomb of Lord of Sipan, which caught the attention of Peru and the world, this has consolidated as part of Lambayeque Northeastern Tourist Circuit, consisting of La Libertad, Cajamarca and Amazon. Lambayeque have various tourism resources, the main archeology, nature (beaches and ecology), food, crafts.

In this context, in May 2001, we decided to use the land, recently purchased, in the construction of a hostel, according to the architect responsible for the project, the small area of the lot, could only be used for a two star hostel, this would allow provide accommodation to tourists economy average.

In February 2003 we completed the construction of the first and second level, but not having the 6 rooms required to function as a hostel, we decided to rent the premises. In 2004 we completed the construction of the third level and in May 2005 were implemented six rooms with two beds and 1 ½ square, hot water and cable TV.

THE August 18, 2005, became the formal opening of the Hostel and within the first 60 days we stayed at affordable prices to domestic and international tourists, from Lima, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Piura, Tumbes, Spain, Germany, Nicaragua, Russia , Britain, France, USA and Yugoslavia.

The reception held by the hostel, has strengthened our proposal to implement the restaurant and the creation of a travel agency, "Tours Friends".